I'm a Bettas Breeder in Bangkok, Thailand. I have a little farm in my house.

My Bettas farm is located on 55/7 soi. Ramindra91 Ramindra St., Kannayao, Kannayao

Bangkok Thailand.


I breed my bettas in the chamel ware.



When they are growing to be fingerlings, I will let them to keep in the tank.



My little farm have about 40 tanks for the fingerlings.



This is my fingerlings.



When my fingerlings grow up I must divide them to the other tank and choose some of them to the baskets.



The row of bettas's baskets.



Each basket has 60 bottles.



Bettas in bottles.



When they grown, I will choose the nice of them to keep in the bettas's room.



But now, I use the glass bottles instead the most plastic bottles and still used the plastic bottles when I have many bettas more than the glass bottles.



Bettas in the glass bottles waiting for to be stock in the bettas's room.



My bettas's room.



The shelves in my bettas's room.



This shelf...I keep the bettas for breed and develop.